FRIDA_BRND is not only a clothing brand, we have a mission. This page is filled with the goals we want to achieve with your help. 

Our Mission:

• To reduce the environmental impact fast fashion causes

• To sell unique, high quality clothing, making them a long lasting piece for your wardrobe

• To save water using organic cotton. 98% less water pollution than non-organic cotton production. 

• To make an impact and to teach people the harm fast-fashion can cause. 

• To ensure people are treating and being kind to their skin in the right way. With no use of pesticides or fertilisers in our fabrics.


By building this sustainable fashion brand, we are hoping to reduce the amount of fast fashion being purchased, making a better environment.


FRIDA is aiming to help people make their first #sustainablemoves with high quality, ethical fashion. Fast-fashion is a huge issue. Affecting not only poor workers and their lives, but it also has an enormous effect on our environment due to the amount of clothing which gets sent straight to landfil. That is why our products are made to last and made to wear all year round.


We hope you support in our mission, to improve our consumption and slow down fashion.